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Is your pup ready for camp?

Please review the requirements, policies & hours of operation below for boarding your pet with us.

If your pet meets all the requirements, please contact us to schedule a meet & greet with your pet.


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Boarding & Daycare Requirements

TEMPERAMENT REQUIREMENT: Only dog-friendly, socialized dogs are admitted for daycare & boarding. Dogs with aggressive behaviors, separation anxiety, excessive barking or disruptive behaviors cannot be accepted. We want every dog here to enjoy their stay safely and happily without stress or discomfort.

SPAY/NEUTER REQUIREMENT: We ask that pets be spayed/neutered by 9 months of age.  Intact males give off a potent urine smell & a stronger scent of testosterone that peaks at 10 months & can cause altered pets to react negatively towards them. (See here)  Please understand this is a SAFETY & HEALTH measure to avoid behaviors such as marking, mounting, sexual or dominant behavior that can lead to fights, injuries or uncomfortable interactions. 

VACCINATION REQUIREMENT: Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus & Bordetella vaccines are required & proof of current vaccinations or titers is required prior to boarding.

HEALTH REQUIREMENT: All pets must be on flea & tick preventative, free of any transmissible parasites & in good health with no contagious conditions.

EVALUATION: All dogs are required to come for a meet & greet/ pre-screening  & orientation. We may require a daycare trial run. Dogs are screened for potential aggressive behavior & level of social development to ensure he/she can play well with others without posing a danger to themselves or others.

RESERVATIONS:  We ask that you book at least 2  weeks in advance. Last minute accommodations will be arranged if possible but cannot be guaranteed. Spots fill up quickly during peak seasons. We require a $50 deposit at the time of booking.


$50/per dog DAILY

What our rate includes: bedding, bowls, toys, medication administration where needed, group and individual play, activities, structured socialization, basic obedience sessions, access to our parents group , photos, videos, communication throughout your pet's stay & extended hours are all included in the daycare & boarding rate.  We also offer help with behavior, diet, training, & information about your dog's development process. 

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Reminders for First Time & Returning Pups


  • Be sure your pet is healthy, up to date on vaccinations & that
    you have provided your dog's most recent vaccination record

  • Make an appointment for check-in & check-out

  • Label all your pet's belongings


  • Enough food for your pet's stay in a LABELED, sealed 
    container with name  & feeding instructions


  • Bowls

  • toys you don't want destroyed 

  • beds that cannot fit in the wash or don't want chewed

Hours of Operation

Meet & Greets - Pick-ups - Drop-offs

Pickup & Dropoff Hours

(by appointment)

7-9am & 4-530pm

Office Hours

8am - 530pm

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