Suburban Paws Camp Checklist

What your pets need before attending camp

  • Current & Required Vaccinations 

    • Distemper

    • Parvovirus

    • Bordatella

    • Rabies (dogs over 16 weeks)

  •  Socialization

    • Adult & senior dogs should be able to coexist well with other dogs

    • Puppies who are new to socializing are welcome to engage in healthy socialization in the structured environment of camp

  • Spay/neuter 

    • Dogs must be altered by 9 months of age in order to get the full experience at camp. Intact males give off a potent urine smell & a stronger scent of testosterone that peaks at 10 months & can cause altered pets to react negatively towards them. (See here)  Please understand this is a SAFETY & HEALTH measure to avoid behaviors such as marking, mounting, sexual or dominant behavior that can lead to fights, injuries or uncomfortable interactions. 

What your pet needs (and doesn’t need) to bring

  • Bowls (DO NOT BRING)

    • Bowls brought from home are subject to loss &/or damage. We supply clean, sterilized dining ware for pets attending camp. Please leave your pet’s bowls home.

  • Beds (DO NOT BRING)

    • Beds brought from home are subject to loss &/or damage. We recommend bringing a blanket or article of clothing from home that has a familiar scent and that is replaceable if soiled/damaged. If your pet MUST have a bed from home, please DO NOT BRING LARGE BEDS that cannot fit in the wash. 

  • Food (MUST BRING)

    • Each dog is fed different foods at home. Some of these dogs have allergies to certain foods. We make a point to keep each dog on the same diet they have at home to avoid any digestive upset or allergic reactions. Please provide your dog’s food in a SEALED container LABELED with their NAME and FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS. 

  • Medications (MUST BRING!)

    • We happily administer medications in oral, aural, optic, nasal, subcutaneous and intramuscular form. If your pet requires any medications during their stay please provide them in a SEALED container LABELED with their NAME and DOSING INSTRUCTIONS.

  • Leash, collars & harnesses (MUST BRING)

    • All dogs MUST ARRIVE ON LEASH for the safety of your dog as well as others including neighborhood pets and humans. Please respect our neighbors space & property by bringing your dog to camp ON LEASH. Proper fitting collars or harnesses are required for getting a hold of dogs when necessary during camp activities. Break-away collars are recommended, harnesses are acceptable. If you do not have a collar or harness, we can provide one. If you would prefer your dog wear a harness instead of a collar please let us know. 


Additional Information for Parents

  • Pickup/Dropoff & Meetings BY APPOINTMENT

    • Please schedule your dropoff/pickup times with us beforehand and please BE ON TIME. Dogs in the premises are temporarily confined & activities are put on hold for all appointments. Please do not make our visitors and residents wait longer than necessary and please respect our time and schedule. If you will be late or need to change your appointment PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP. We will ONLY schedule drop offs and pickups during these hours for the safety & comfort of the pets and the respect and consideration of our neighbors. Pickup and dropoff is done BY APPOINTMENT during the hours of: 7-9 AM &6-8  PM


  • NOTE: Meetings, Dropoffs & Pickups: meet & greets during this time are outside only. Masks are optional outdoors but please exercise social distancing. You may view our virtual tour here:

  • Meet and greets are to get acquainted, let your dogs sniff and mark to familiarize themselves with the grounds, observe & assess temperament, energy and whether camp is for your dogs. Meetings are done WITHOUT dog introductions as owners presence can often influence dog behavior - In addition, the dogs are coming for the first time, picking up a million new scents and can be cautious if not nervous about new surroundings and the dogs present at the time of meet and greet usually aren’t the same they’ll be mingling with when they come for their stay. If you have any concerns about this you are welcome to schedule a trial daycare visit for your dog.


  • Parking

    • Please park along our property whenever possible to avoid disturbing neighbors. You may use our driveway or park temporarily in front of the driveway if no other spots are accessible. 

  • Arrival 

    • Parents coming for pickup, dropoff or meet and greets - a text to let us know when you are heading over will give us time to secure all dogs safely for your arrival. Camp activities are ongoing but are halted for pickups and drop offs so dogs can be secured for everyone’s safety.

  • Entering

    • Please bring your pets to the SIDE ENTRANCE at the top of the driveway unless otherwise requested so we can bring them in without crowding from other pets and they can do their business as nerves and excitement tend to trigger potty times for pups. DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT PERMISSION we may have dogs in the yard that must be secured before opening any gates. You may ring the doorbell on the gate.

  • Exiting & Goodbyes 

    • Please do your best to make exits when leaving pets brief and uneventful. This will help your pet acclimate easier and prevent them from patrolling the gate for your return. 

  • Safety 

    • PLEASE be mindful of doorways & gates. We provide double gated entry/exit ways as well as a system of containment that we take very seriously for all pets safety. Please be sure to latch the gate behind you when exiting/entering.