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Suburban Paws News
Winter 2021


Boarding & Daycare

We will continue to offer boarding & daycare. Should you like your dog to attend daycare, we are happy to provide a full day of activity, rest, play, learning, socialization & love. Daycare days are full days, we will no longer be offering partial or half days.


Included in boarding/daycare rate with no additional fees:  

  • informal basic obedience

  • Structured socialization & group play

  • Pupdates with photos & videos

  • Medication administration  

  • Special meal preparation (raw food, home cooked meals welcome)


We believe these are part & parcel of caring for each dog & are happy to include them in your dog’s stay without extra fees for them. We are also happy to answer any questions, offer advice or help you through any challenges with your pet where we can.



We offer full service grooming for a variety of breeds. If you would like your dog groomed please schedule an appointment with us. Grooming during boarding stay MUST BE BOOKED AT TIME OF BOARDING RESERVATION. Last minute grooming services cannot be accommodated. Rate dependent on size, services requested/required, coat type, coat length & coat condition


Dog Walking 

We will NO longer be taking on any daily/ongoing walks. We are happy to refer you to local dog walkers we know & trust to care for your walking needs.


At Home Pet Visits

We will still provide visits to your home for pet care but will be doing so on a very limited basis. Please inquire for more information.


While training will still be a part of what we do here at camp & we are happy to offer tips, ideas & solutions, we will no longer be accepting new clients for training. We plan to add board & train services in the near future.



We will no longer be offering transport for pickup/dropoff to camp/boarding.

Response/Office Hours

Hours of operation during which we will do our best to respond are from 8am to 7pm. (We need personal time too!) please understand that we may have our hands full with canine & human clients & will do our best to respond by days end. If it is urgent please indicate so otherwise messages received after hours will receive a reply the following day during business hours.

Check-in/Check-out Hours

Hours for check-in & check-out will be STRICTLY enforced going forward. We have a schedule, appointments and a routine to keep & our campers deserve a full day of care without interruption or the stress of having to be moved about, having time cut into & contained throughout the day.


Check-in/check-out hours are BY APPOINTMENT as follows:


Monday-Friday         7-9am   &   4-6pm

Saturday                    7-9am   &   5-7pm

Sunday                       8-9am   &   4-5pm

You MUST make an appointment to avoid street & foot traffic, crossover & have smooth, stress-free transitions for the dogs coming in & out. We handle each check-in, check-out individually & prefer to avoid crowding, overstimulation, barking, etc.  


PLEASE DO NOT JUST SHOW UP YOU MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT! If you are late, you will be asked to reschedule. Pickup outside checkin/checkout hours will incur a fee of $30  


Please understand these hours are in place to minimize stress - & give ourselves uninterrupted time to care for the dogs - & ourselves. This is a business but it is also a private home.

Late arrivals/No-shows

Please BE ON TIME. Activities are put on hold & dogs are temporarily confined for your arrival. If you are running late please text or call us. Late arrivals will incur a $30 fee.

Texting ahead/upon arrival

We would appreciate a heads up text so we can be ready for you. (Thank you to those of you who do so already!)

Consideration for our neighbors

Please observe our policies for the consideration of our neighbors including noise & respect for their property. This means:

  • KEEPING DOGS ON LEASH to avoid running into neighbors property

  • Curbing your dog & picking up after them

  • Saying goodbyes BEFORE entering to avoid working up both yours & other dogs

  • Make check-in/check-out brief so we may address any barking or noise from dogs on premises - if you need to speak with us please arrange time beforehand or you may speak with us via phone or email.

  • PARK ON OUR PROPERTY ONLY. You may park IN or IN FRONT of our driveway if no other spots are available.

  • If you arrive at the same time as another client, please wait your turn in the car & text when you arrive. If your dog barks in anticipation please keep car windows closed so as not to disturb our neighbors.


As of 1/1/22 daily rate for daycare/boarding will increase to $50 per dog DAILY. As always we charge NO ADDITIONAL FEES for food prep, medication administration of any kind, group play, special needs, photos/videos. PLEASE BE AWARERate begins at check-in regardless of time & is calculated by the DAY. Daily care is where all of the activity occurs. Playtime, socialization, activities, crafts, etc.  If pickup is scheduled during morning check-out, you will not be charged for the day of pickup. We offer daycare packages - please inquire within.


Holiday days will incur an additional $25 fee for the day of holiday only.


We will be CLOSED for pickup & drop off ON HOLIDAYS, requests for special pickup on holidays are not guaranteed & will incur a $35 fee.


  • NO BEDS (blankets or items of clothing are acceptable)


  • NO LARGE CONTAINERS (we suggest labeled ziplock bags)


Photos & Videos

We do our best to get the best pictures & videos of our campers. Please be patient with us as sometimes we are busy & cannot get to them right away. You are welcome to check in with us within reason & we will reply as soon as there is a break in our duties & activities with the dogs. We share on our Facebook parents group often but also send texts with updates & photos.

Things to Know

  • All activities are provided in the controlled environment of camp.


  • Your dog may come home unusually tired; it is not abnormal for he/she to be tired the entire next day. That is the point of daycare, after all!


  • Sometimes, energy creates energy. Though dogs get the opportunity to rest, he/she may still be amped up when they get home. He/she may miss you & want you to play with him/her for a few minutes. This is not abnormal either though it should be short lived.


  • Dogs may be unusually hungry or thirsty on daycare days. They have an ample supply of water both inside & outside. We cannot force dogs to drink, but we do make sure there is plenty of clean, fresh water available. Running & playing creates a big appetite, too!


  • Dogs play with their mouths & paws, which includes nails & teeth. Just as your dog  may leave scratches when they jump on you the same can happen when dogs wrestle & play with other dogs at daycare. This is the risk of allowing dogs to interact. If you are worried about this, doggy daycare is not the right environment for your dog.


  • Please note that daycare is indoors & outdoors. That means your dog is likely to get dirty or muddy especially on rainy days. If this poses a problem, please inquire about grooming.


  • We strive hard to provide a safe, fun environment for your dog to play in. If at any point in time your dog is deemed unsuitable for the camp environment, you will be notified immediately. Should your dog cause injuries to another dog, you are responsible for all vet bills that are incurred.


  • We do our best to diligently inform you of issues as soon as we are aware & it is your duty as a responsible pet parent to proactively work with a trainer & modify unwanted behavior. We see your dog much less frequently than you do & can only do so much at daycare.


  • Accidents, injuries & illness can & do happen -  that is the risk of dogs mingling & playing together. The risk is low, but is the same concept as children going to daycare & playing on a playground or otherwise interacting.


  • We do our absolute best with our knowledge & experience with dog behavior to group dogs accordingly & match them up by size, temperament, energy level & play style. While we take every precaution to ensure the safety & well being of every dog in our care, even dogs that get along can get into disagreements


Any questions, comments, suggestions are always welcome. Please text us at (516)633-8645 or reach out to us via email at with any you may have.



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