Some things to know before you visit:

  • We are not a kennel and dogs are free throughout the premisesWe schedule meet & greets/tours on days when visitor numbers are at a minimum. This is in order to avoid disrupting the dog's schedules, maintain harmony on our premises and to minimize stress.  We cannot guarantee an appointment for meet and greets for last minute bookings. Boarding & daycare pets are contained temporarily when visitors come. 

  • We do not introduce pets in owner's presence as it can affect outcomes of introductions. 

  • All dogs that stay with us are dog social but not all dogs are stranger friendly or child friendly. Please avoid bringing small children.

  • Dogs on premises WILL bark during your visit. They are contained, waiting to return to activities and will bark to alert of your presence. Please do not knock on windows or doors as this gets the dogs worked up.

  • Please respect our time & our visitors time. Your visit means all activities are put on hold.



text/phone: (631) 894-4456



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