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On Premises Policies


Appointments must be made for pick-up/drop-off. Please do not show up without an appointment & adhere to your appointment time as dogs on premises must be contained for safety & ease & activities are put on hold until your departure.

LATE ARRIVALS: If you will be late please text/call ahead. LATE ARRIVALS/NO SHOWS WILL INCUR A $30 FEE PER PET. If you are within a 10 mile radius and would like to utilize our transport service please ask.

RESIDENT & VISITOR DOGS: Please do not interact with any dogs on the premises. Though all of our visitors are dog-social, not all are friendly with certain adults or children.

NO CHILDREN ALLOWED: Please DO NOT bring young children with you. NOT ALL DOGS ARE CHILD FRIENDLY & the dogs that board here are our responsibility. Please do not make your children our responsibility as well.

RESPECT OUR ROUTINE: Resident & visitor dogs on premises are contained temporarily when visitors arrive, for safety, security & to minimize stress & overstimulation. Please respect that dogs are waiting to return to activities & arrive on time. For your pet's sake & the sake of visitors waiting, please make goodbyes brief & exit promptly.

PLEASE WAIT TO BE ADMITTED: When arriving with your dog, please do not open any gates/doors without permission until you are let inside. Dogs are present on the premises at all times & I take every precaution to ensure their safety. PLEASE be sure to quickly close any doors or gates behind you when entering or exiting. DO NOT leave any doors or gates ajar for dogs to dash out.

BARKING; Dogs often bark until visitors depart. Please help reduce their stress & respect our neighbors by understanding that appointments & meetings must be during certain hours, must remain brief & may require entering, exiting or meeting by way of the dog yard.

Hours of Operation

Meet & Greets - Pick-ups - Drop-offs

Pickup & Dropoff Hours

(by appointment)

7-9am & 6-8pm

Office Hours

8am - 7pm